2017 Contract


Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) 2017 Exhibitor Contract

    1. Contract for Exhibit Space
      This application for exhibit space, the notice of space assignment by the GEA, and the full payment of rental charges together constitute a Contract for the right to use the space by the Exhibitor. Applications should be submitted promptly and must be accompanied by a minimum deposit of 75% of the exhibit space fee. If a 75% deposit does not accompany submission of this form, Exhibitor agrees to pay deposit within 30 days of invoice. The remaining balance must be received by the GEA before Friday, August 25, 2017. Exhibitors who receive the discounted GEA membership rate can choose to pay for FY17 membership at the time of booth payment OR no later than one (1) year from the time of the last renewal. Contact Kathy@geo-energy.org for membership renewal inquiries.
    2. Assignment of Exhibit Space
      Exhibit space will be assigned as quickly as possible on a first-come, first-served basis after applications with minimum deposit and confirmation of wired funds (if applicable) are received, subject to availability of space preferences, special needs, and compatibility of exhibitors. Every effort will be made to respect the Exhibitor’s space requests provided, however, the GEA reserves the right to make the final determination of all space assignments in its sole discretion.
      The exhibitor has to occupy the booth-number(s) established in his/her contract. However, if the general interest of the Expo so requires, GEA could assign a new place or booth-number of similar characteristics by a previous notification to the exhibitor.
    3. Payment of exhibit fees is to be made in U.S. dollars
      Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank and are payable to:
      Geothermal Energy Association
      209 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE,
      Washington, DC 20003, USA.

    When you register online for the Expo you will be able to pay by credit card at that time or can choose to send a check or money order. If you must make payment via wire transfer, please contact GEA for instructions. If the Exhibitor fails to make full payment on or before Friday, August 25, 2017, the Exhibitor shall forfeit all rights to the use of the assigned space, and the GEA shall have the right to resell or use the space in such a manner as it may consider to be in its interests and without any liability on the part of the GEA.

    Exhibit Fees:  


    On or before 
    June 9, 2017
    10′ x 10′ 10′ x 20′ 10′ x 30′ 10′ x 40′ Special* (per 10’x10’)
    GEA Member $ 2,400 $ 4,320 $6,320 $ 8,120 $ 1,720
    Non-Member $ 3,050 $ 5,250 $ 7,400 $ 9,600 $ 1,720
    Beginning June 10, 2017 $3,250 $ 5,500 $ 8,000 $ 10,000 $ 1,850

    **In order to accommodate End Cap and Island booths within limited space, GEA will charge a $2/square foot fee.
    End cap: An exhibit space with aisles on three sides.
    Island Exhibit: A display with aisles on four sides.

    * These special exhibit fees are available per 10’x10’ booth space to only non-profit organizations, government agencies, national laboratories and universities.
    GEA has right to request proof of non-profit status from potential exhibitors prior to issuing space confirmation

    1. Exhibit Packages and Exhibitor Categories
      Exhibit Booths are 10′ x 10′ and has an 8′ high back drape and 3′ high side drapes.   The back drape will be WHITE and the side drape will be BLACK.  A 7″ x 4″ identification sign with the Exhibitor’s name and space number (s) will also be provided for each booth.  Each booth will include a table, two chairs and a wastebasket. Hall A where the Expo will be held IS NOT carpeted. One time vacuuming of your exhibit will be provided prior to Sunday’s opening reception (between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.). 24-hour general security will be provided during the Expo.  Additional on-site needs of individual exhibitors besides the basic booth set-up outlined above (such as telephone line, Internet access, etc.) will be provided by Exhibitor Services Company Freeman upon request for an additional fee.
    2. Official Exhibit Contractor
      The official exhibit service contractor for the Geothermal Energy Expo is Freeman, which will also provide freight services and customs clearance for all exhibitors.
    3. Freight & Handling 
      The official exhibit contractor is Freeman.  The Exhibitor Services Company will send to each Exhibitor an exhibitor’s kit containing information on furnishing, electrical service, shipping and freight handling, storage arrangements and other services.  To prevent custom problems ANY FOREIGN shipments should be coordinated with Exhibitor Services Company.
    4. Expo Schedule
      Dates and schedule for mounting, exhibition and dismantling are as follows.
      The exhibitor must finish the mounting of his/her booth in the period established to do that. If the booth is not ready in this period, the exhibitor will have to request a special permission from Freeman to finish the mounting.
    September 30, 2017
    Installation noon – 6:00 pm
    October 1, 2017
    Installation 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Opening Reception
    In the Exhibit Area
    6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
    October 2, 2017
    Expo Hall Open noon – 5:00 pm
    October 3, 2017
    Expo Hall Open 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

    October 4, 2017

    Expo Hall Open 9:00 am – noon
    Dismantling TEAR DOWN
    AFTER noon

    Exhibitors may not dismantle or disturb their exhibits until after the official closing.  Failure to observe this rule may jeopardize the Exhibitor’s participation in future GEA Expos. The exhibitor has to be dismantled his/her booth and ready to leave it to Exhibitor Services Company by the hour mentioned in point 2. Any delay could be charged to the exhibitor, unless it is previously arranged with Exhibitor Services Company.  Exhibitor Services Company will provide the permission-form for retrieve the exhibited materials and equipment, after verifying there is no any damages to the installations and booths.

    1. Cancellation Policy
      Should the Exhibitor be unable to occupy and use the contracted exhibit space, the Exhibitor shall notify the GEA in writing. A refund of the total exhibit fees due less a service charge of 25% will be made for cancellations received on or before June 9, 2017. A refund of the total exhibit fees due less a service charge of 50% will be made for cancellations received on or before July 7, 2017. If any cancellations are received between July 8, 2017 and August 25, 2017 a refund of total exhibit fees less a service charge of 75% will be received. No refunds will be made for space cancellations received after August 25, 2017.
    2. Unclaimed Space
      Exhibits must be completely installed by 4:00 pm, Sunday, October 1st at 4pm or the exhibit space may be reassigned without refund of rental paid. The GEA will not be liable for any incurred expenses.
    3. Use of Exhibit Space
      The exhibitor is the only responsible for the legitimacy and property of every material, equipment or trademark to be exhibited and used in his/her booth. The GEA -GRC and Exhibitor Service Company is exempted of any civil or legal liability. The exhibitor is free to introduce in his/her booth the materials he/she wants to, but it is forbidden:
      a) Invade the circulation aisles
      b) Use loudspeakers to volumes that cause disturbances to the adjacent booths.
      c) Produce or start any kind of chemical or physical reaction that could be dangerous or potentially harmful to the visitors or the installations.
      d) Introduce any animals or pets, without permission of Exhibitor Services Company.
      e) Constructions or installations with masonry, bricks, cement, Panel-W, plaster, plasterboard, welding, etc., and any material that could be harmful for the exhibition area or makes difficult its dismantling within the established schedule.
      f) Affect the walls, floor, columns and roofs of the exhibition area.
      g) Exhibit balloons or similar inflatable materials, unless anti-inflammable gases are used.
      h) Paint, cut, weld, nail, stick or cause any affection to the panels, carpet and materials of the booths.
      i) Wet the carpet with filtration of flowerpots or decoration plants.
      j) Modify the electric installations. In the case of heavy machinery or equipment to be exhibited, it has to be installed according to proper safety regulations and operated by skilled personnel of the exhibitor. This will be the unique responsible for any accidents or damages caused by his/her machines or equipment.

    All exhibits shall be arranged so as not to obstruct the general view or hide the exhibits of others. The GEA reserves the right to restrict exhibits that may be objectionable or to order the removal of any portion of an exhibit which, in the sole judgment of the GEA, is detrimental or detracts from the general order of the exhibition.
    Aisle space shall not be used for display or demonstration purposes. Distribution of literature, promotional materials or samples must be confined to the limits of the exhibitor’s booth or table top space. Exhibitors must display goods and services directly related to their regular course of business unless written approval is obtained in advance from the GEA. If it is necessary to use equipment of another manufacturer, no advertising of that equipment may be in evidence. No Exhibitor shall assign, sublet or share the exhibit space assigned without the prior written consent of the GEA. Exhibits that include the operation of audio equipment or any noise-making machinery must be operated so that the resulting noise will not annoy or disturb adjacent exhibitors.

    1. Exhibit Representatives
      The exhibitor is encouraged to have at least one person to attend his/her booth during the time the Expo is open to visitors, since the exhibitor is solely responsible for the materials and equipment exhibited in his/her booth. GEA will provide up to three (3) complimentary ” Exhibition Hall Only” admission badges for a 10′ x 10′ booth space paid by an exhibiting organization. Past that number, there will be a $50 charge per exhibitor for access to the Sunday Night Opening Reception and Trade Show Halls October 1-4. A list of representatives who will attend the booth must be provided to GEA via e-mail to (rani@geo-energy.org).
      If some of these badges are missing, the exhibitor must notify GEA as soon as possible, so that GEA can replace the missing badges. There will be a replacement badge fee of $5 per badge for any lost badges.
      If you would like to invite additional guests, as an exhibitor they will be able to register online at a guest rate.
    2. Non-Discrimination
      The Exhibitor agrees that during the life of this Contract the Exhibitor will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation or ancestry. It is the policy of the GEA that all parties doing business with the GEA adhere to the principles of, and take reasonable affirmative action to ensure positive progress in, Equal Opportunity Employment, to the extent required by law.
    3. Compliance
      The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with all pertinent ordinances, regulations and codes of duly authorized local, state and federal governing bodies concerning fire, safety and health, together with the rules and regulations of the operators and/or owners of the property wherein the exhibit is held. Federal, state, county and city laws must be strictly observed by the Exhibitor. All materials used in the exhibits must be flameproof and conform to all fire department regulations.
    4. Liability and Insurance
      (a) The GEA will employ security guards and will take reasonable precautions to safeguard the Exhibitor’s property during exhibit hours and when the exhibit area is closed. Nevertheless, the Geothermal Energy Association, the Geothermal Resources Council, Exhibitor Services Company, their agents, officers, directors or employees shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, injury or theft that may occur to the Exhibitor or to the Exhibitor’s employees, representatives or property from any cause whatsoever, prior, during or subsequent to the period covered by the Contract. The Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the GEA, its officers, directors, agents or employees from all liability and any and all claims for such loss, damage or injury.
      (b) Furthermore, the Exhibitor understands that the Geothermal Energy Association, the Geothermal Resources Council and Exhibitor Services Company do not maintain insurance covering the Exhibitor’s property. It is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain such insurance.
      The exhibitor is responsible for the assurance of the valuable equipment and materials to be exhibited in his/her booth, and for the care of the same during the time the exhibition will be open to visitors. Nor the GRC-GEA, Exhibitor Services Company nor the Salt Palace Convention Center Salt Lake City, UT will be responsible for harms or affectations caused by stealing, fire, lack or electricity, sabotage, explosions or other causes.
      The security personnel of the event will have the right to prevent the introduction of any non-declared material or equipment, as long as any object they consider dangerous. The exhibitor must address to Exhibitor Services Company to solve any problem on this issue.
      The security personnel of the event will be in charge of surveillance of the Trade Show during the hours closed to visitors. Exhibitors will have access half-hour before the visitors opening and must leave the area half-hour after the visitors closing. Any special time or surveillance services have to be asked to Exhibitor Services Company.
      Nor GRC-GEA, Exhibitor Services Company nor the Salt Palace Convention Center Salt Lake City, UT will be responsible for the lost of tools or materials during the operations of mounting and dismantling.
    5. Cancellation or Termination of Expo
      In the event that the premises of the Salt Palace Convention Center are destroyed or damaged, or if the GEA Expo fails to take place as scheduled, or is interrupted and/or discontinued, or access to the premises is prevented or interfered with by reason of any strike, lockout, injunction, act of war, act of God, emergency declared by any government agency, or for any other reason beyond the control of the GEA, this Contract may be terminated by the GEA. In the case of such termination, the Exhibitor waives any and all claims the Exhibitor might have for damages or expenses and agrees that the sole liability of the GEA shall be to refund all amounts paid to the GEA by the Exhibitor in accordance with this Contract.
    6. No Guarantee of Results
      The GEA does not warrant or guarantee any particular results from exhibiting in the Geothermal Energy Expo nor does it guarantee any particular number of attendees or exhibitors.
    7. Regulations and Contract
      These rules and regulations have been formulated in the best interest of all concerned and become part of the Contract between the Exhibitor and the GEA. All matters and questions not addressed by these regulations are subject to the decision of the GEA, in the GEA’s sole discretion.