October 1-4, 2017 | Salt Lake City, Utah | #GeoExpoPlus

- Leading Innovation. Fostering Cooperation. Held in Conjunction with the GRC Annual Meeting

Why the +

It's more than an Expo. The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) brings you GEA GEOEXPO+ with the theme leading innovation fostering cooperation held in conjunction with the GRC Annual Meeting. Network with 1,200+ industry leaders at the GEA/GRC events. Walk the sprawling Expo hall floor. Exhibit and share your innovations. Build new relationships or strengthen old ones. Step into a world of geothermal.

2017 GEA GEOEXPO+ Exhibitors

Register Today to Secure Booth Space! Contact Rani@geo-energy.org, +1 (202) 454-5261 for more info.

2017 GEA GEOEXPO+ Sponsors

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Geothermal Resource Group, Inc. is an industry leader in geothermal engineering with over 150-years of combined experience in drilling geothermal wells, designing geothermal power systems, conducting reservoir assessments, and managing drilling projects.¬†We are a principal geothermal service provider, specializing in geothermal resources worldwide.  

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